About Me

23 years old, innovator of art and content, passionate photographer, developer of ideas, lover of chai and all things of the feels, I’m Samiksha Agarwal, a Fashion communication graduate from N.I.F.T. I adapt quickly to people and situations. I’m (mostly) self-motivated and confident. My collaborative and interpersonal skills are excellent. Apart from speaking fluent Bollywood, I love to solve problems whether it’s the most graceful way to write a line or deciding which shot best fits the mood.

My journey so far includes collaborations with Advertising and Marketing companies like Boring commerce, 22 Feet Tribal Worldwide, and many standalone projects for startups, individuals and personal experiments. That’s also how I have met the most incredible creators and like-minded personalities. I have co-directed 2 short films for the India Film Project and have also been a part of many Theatre Festivals like ‘The Hindu Theatre Festival’ and ‘Indian Film Festival of Bhubaneswar’. My other interests include painting and reading.

In a nutshell, communicating via words, photographs, and videos is my thing! I am based at Hyderabad, offering photography and videography services! Let’s blossom your story!



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